maso Photography specializes in creating quality-content in order to share stories.
Real Estate, Weddings, Events - Around the World.
"Real Estate After COVID meant stepping my game up.  I needed to market things differently but still be able to stay within my budget and use my time wisely. After using so many vendors for so many years I gave Maso a try.  They offer high end video tours as well as photography.  Not only do I have the best videos I have ever seen for my properties, I feel as though the homes sell a lot faster with their help.  I can get video tours and photography done in less than two hours time for a fantastic price.  They are easy to book and they are so flexible with their scheduling and are super responsive.  If you are looking to go the extra mile for your clients, go with Maso"
- Jennifer Rouse | Associate Broker, Corcoran
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